Hikers paradise

Kalnik attracted hikers and nature lovers already in the 19th century, while today, the area is full of well- marked trails that take you through the nature of Kalnik, rocky seven teeth path, or numerous paths which you can get you to Varaždinske toplice (spa), Novi Marof or Križevci.

View from Vuklec peak

Kalnička gora rises on the border of Zagorje, Prigorje and Podravina southwest – northeast in the length of 16 km. The average height is 400-500 m.

The highest peak of Kalnik is Vranilac (643m), followed by Peca (624m), Vuklec (572m), Podrevec (547m), Pusta Barbara (460m) and the top Škrinja (504m). To the east of the old town of Veliki Kalnik stretches about 4.5 km of rocky mostly finned ridge called Kalnik beam (Kalnička greda) with the peaks of Vuklec (572 m), Podrevec (547 m) and Škrinja (504 m).

Kalnik peaks

VRANILAC is the highest peak of Kalnik. It has the shape of a torn rock boulder, which is well visible from Prigorje. The highest peak is marked with a geodetic column; providing beautiful views of Prigorje and Zagorje. Under the top is a TV tower, to the northeast lies a series of rocky teeth known as “7 teeth”, and southwest goes to the west ridge to the paragliding runway and continues through the saddle by a gentle slope to the pass from which it is possible to descend north to Educational path or to the south to the church of St. Martin or the southern part of the Educational trail.
At the top of Vranilac there are more marked approaches:
a) The basic: from a Mountain hut on the left side of the ridge, uphill forests, and then to the west by a pedestrian path to the road, about 20 feet through the forest, steeply uphill to the same road that leads to metal steps. Then uphill across the wooden and stone stairs to the TV tower and continue to the top of the cliff – a total of 20 minutes.
b) Military: from a mountain hut to the west on the south trails of the Educational trail to the crossing, crossing the north, then steep to the west to a large bend on the road and up to the metal stairs, as well as on the main course – a total of 20 minutes.
c) “7 teeth”:  The Grebenska path, starting from the hiking ground or from the beginning of the educational trail, turns thirty meters down to the rocks called Seven Teeth. Climbing techniques are required in places. It takes about 40 minutes for the tour.
d) Western Cape: The southern variant of the track – the route leads from the mountain home to the south side of the educational trail to the ruins of the church of St. Martin, which separates it steeply to the west to the ridge on the ridge and then to the east over the top peaks through the Ester’s saddle and the slopes of the paragliders. It takes about 60 to 80 minutes for the tour.
The north variant of the track – access to the northern part of the Educational Track, towards New Marof, then to the south in the direction of the Vranilac peak and then to the extension to the ridge on the ridge; as well as the southern route. It takes about 80 minutes for the tour.
e) The north access route goes along with the Educational trail to the north, to the crossing for the peak of Peca and further to the junction where the Vranilac and Zubi tops the tree. There, you have to head south to the ridge and then the northern slopes of Kalnik to get to the top of Vranilac, first to the TV tower and continue to the top. It takes about 30 minutes for the tour.
f) A small roundabout around the tip of Vranilac – was crushed in 2005 for access to the paragliding trail. The trail starts at the metal stairs on the road before the TV transmitter building (access: see the base and the military), then the left underneath it to the west gently climbing to the point of the calyx paraglider. There is a bench; from here it takes east to ridge to the top. It takes about 20 minutes for the tour.
VUKLEC (572 m) is a rocky peak overgrown with dense vegetation in the western part of the Kalnik Beam. At the top of Vuklec there are rocks and no visibility, but when climbing up to the highest rock, there is a view of Međimurje. Two minutes from the top in the direction of the west there is Vidikovac on the western part of the beam where it offers a beautiful view of the Old Town, the mountain house, Vranilac and all the way to Medvednica and Ivanšćica.
The climb to Vuklec starts from the forest road between the Old Town and the Kalnik beam, from where it is necessary to take the north side of the Kalnik beam on a marked path towards Vratno. After a few minutes the trail separates to the right, and in a few minutes we reach the small Visoravan. There is an intersection, one arm descends to the other side of the village of Kalnik, the other turns to the right two more minutes to Vuklec. A total of 25 minutes walk from the hiking ground.
The second trail starts in the village of Kalnik next to the church and leads across the meadows through the woods up to the place where you should turn left to the top. Total 25-30 minutes.
ŠKRINJA (504 m) is the lowest peak in the easternmost part of the Kalnik Beam, representing about 80 meters long bare rocky cracked ridge. It has a beautiful view of the rural mill in the village of Kalnik and of the mountain hut on Kalnik.
PODREVEC (547 m) is a rocky peak east of North Vidikovac on Kalnik (489 m). It has a marked access from the track to the Škrinja peak.
PECA (624 m) is located in the mountain hay that separates the calcareous ridge in the north direction. It is characterized by open meadows with a beautiful view to the north side towards Ivanšćica and Ljubelj. From the Mountain hut in Kalnik to Peca there are about 40 minutes of light walk through the woods.