The Hiking Day

Discover the Educational path

The educational trail on Kalnik was opened on June 8, 1996 on the Day of Protected Nature of Nature in Croatia. It was opened with the aim of bringing visitors closer to the natural values of Kalnik. The path of the educational path starts at Old Town of Veliki Kalnik, goes to the northern side of the cliff Kalnik in front of Mali Kalnik, then back to the south side of the cliff to the Old Town of Veliki Kalnik. The track has a circular shape and is 5000 meters long. A gentle stroll along the stop on the gazebo takes a three-hour walk. The trail has an instructive character and warns users of nature and environment.

Because of the geological and relief situation, Kalnik has a heterogeneous flora. Valuable and beautiful nature is recognized and protected by law throughout the protected area of Kalnik. Educational path has been made within the protected area, on the most beautiful parts of Kalnik nature. The path shows interesting herbal species, often endemic. It explains the geological history of Kalnik, while the viewing platform shows the geographical position of Kalnik compared to the other hills in northwestern Croatia, and you can experience the spirit of history on the remains of the former parish church of St. Martin with a votive stone and an archeological site from the Bronze Age.

Are you all getting out for a few winter hikes? If not, you should. Kalnik looks completely different in winter.