Parish church of Sveti Brcko

The late gothic parish church of Sveti Brcko can be seen in the centre of village Kalnik, below the castle of Veliki Kalnik, near the main road crossing. The historical sources mention the existence of the church in second half of the 14th century. Although renovated and extended a number of times, the Sv. Brcko church remains one of the few material evidences of the earlier importance of the former king’s town of Brezovica (today Kalnik) and numerous owners of the Castle Veliki Kalnik, church patrons to whom we are grateful for quality art works that have survived until today. The north wall of the church and the ceiling walls of the shrine are holding very high quality painted frescoes.

High on the shrine walls are the pictures of Holy Trinity, unusually painted like a head with three faces, Christ and church patron, while the middle area presents Apostles, bishop saints, Moses and saints that are separated with half-arched arcades. Death scene of St. Peter from Verona, painted in late 14th century could be found in the nave.








Kamešnica, Chapel of Sveti Andrija

Kamešnica village with its three hamlets – Jambreki, Jendreki and  Đurci is situated under Kalnik mountain range on the road to Vratno. It was first mentioned in 1193 as Kamenic on the same location, and later as a castle that was observing local roads and crossing of the brook of Kamešnica. Today known for a Chapel of Sveti Andrija, one of the rare sacral monuments in Križevci surroundings that has preserved its original outside appearance. The chapel was consecrated in 1377. Interior of the church holds a stone custody placed in one of the walls as well as the stone altar.

Biblijski vrt mira – The biblical garden of peace

The idea of creation of the Biblical garden of peace came on the initiative of Croatian peace activist, Mr. Milorad Kovačević in celebration of the 2000 year since the birth of Jesus and International Year of Peace. Around thirty sculptors took part during the two art colonies when they turned the oak woodchuck into 33 wooden sculptures representing characters from Old and New Testament. Biblijski vrt mira is placed in the garden of the Kalnik elementary school where, in addition, the participants and school children planted 33 plants as a symbol of the Jesus earthly life. More information is available on the webpage:

Mountain hut on Kalnik

Built in 1934 just some steps away from the castle of Veliki Kalnik, under the steep cliffs, lies the mountain hut. The hut was desiged by Stjepan Planić, well known Croatian architect and active member of Croatian Mountain Association until 1945. The hut has been extended in 1957.

Today, the hut has 36 beds in double- and multiple-bedrooms, and is open daily from noon until 8pm. It can be reached following the paved road, at the end of which – on the plateau below the hut – is a car park. The mountain hut is the beginning and the end of numerous hiking trains within the Kalnik mountain range towards Varaždinske Toplice, Novi Marof, Koprivnica, Križevci.