Hidden between the steep and charming hills, 16km away from Kalnik and Križevci lays village Apatovac. This area of pristine nature is known since antiquity for its source of quality cold mineral Apatovac water.  The water samples from the source were in early 19th century sent for analysis to Vienna and Zagreb where its healthy properties were confirmed. In 1879, Mijo Vrbanec has reported the following in Pučke novine newspaper:

«I am not a doctor to confirm that the water is good, excellent for this and that disease, but I can tell a few sentences from experience, and will take a freedom to do so. The man, which suffers from irregular digestion, if he drinks this water for some days alone or with wine, and, even better if he continues to do so, will notice the burping at first, and then will launch the force of smelly gases from below, and finally would help him open quietly and easy, without any pain».

The ownership of Apatovac water source has been through history connected with disagreements and often changes of ownership. In the early 20th century Apatovac mineral water was sold abroad on the markets of Algeria, Belgium, France, Egypt, Italy and Russia and used in Austro-Hungarian hospitals. Until 1905, the water receives 15 golden and silver medals and is known as the best water of the Croatian territory at the time. Owing to the lack of transport connection and ownership problems after the World War I, Apatovac water looses its old markets and again becomes a local water source.

The new water-filling facility has been built in 2004, on the location of an old factory. Memorial board with information about the history of the source, as well as a water-tap where the thirsty visitor can try the Apatovac water is installed near the factory entrance. Following the nearby stream through the forest,  the path leads to the village Stupe, and further via the gorge Vratno to the Castle Veliki Kalnik and the mountain hut.

Traditional vuglenica (round stove made of mud) where a local families are still producing charcoal can be seen on the roadside following the main road back to Križevci.